Competition #7 - Guess The Picture & WIN

by @flatman

Yet Another 100x Zoom Picture

It's Friday and its time for a new contest! Let me know if you are getting tired of the 100x zoom pictures, I will try to mix it up, but I need some tips for other contests.

I have seen some of you guys are good at upvoting others in the comments section, but unfortunately not all are upvoting others. To make it fair for the good upvoters I will wait until next week before i start upvoting the comments, and I will only upvote people who upvote others.

Rules for the contests: 1. Free to join, no requirements 2. Only 1 guess per person per contest

My question is:

What is this?


Guess and win the 2 STEEM reward

Any questions? No? well get on it and guess then! If you have questions or suggestions please let me know down below. It would also be nice if you shared, resteemed and/or upvoted this post. These contests are driven by the upvotes I get, if the upvotes are few and low, the prize pool will get smaller and smaller until I cannot do this anymore. If the upvotes are big and many the prize pool will get bigger, and we can continue having these Friday contests. So what are you waiting for, tell your friends, resteem or do whatever you have to do to keep this contest running.

Looking forward to see you in the comments below

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A bit of fingerprint skin?

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I was to write "fingerprint", but seems like it's taken ...

0.024 SBD | 7 | 1 |

its ok to guess the same as other, if many people guess the right answer i will use a random generator to choose the winner

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Skin in your palm or larva skin :)

0.076 SBD | 8 | 0 |

I will go with a sea shell.

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well its been said already, but yeah I also think it is human skin, specifically the fingerprint

0.024 SBD | 8 | 0 |

Soooo if one was to go with the flow this is human skin, can this high% be wrong? :P Regardless it does look like human skin to me too.

0.064 SBD | 6 | 0 |

Definitely some skin from hand, foot or most likely of all a finger

0.074 SBD | 7 | 0 |

fingers of the hand

0.021 SBD | 6 | 0 |

I think it is the skin of a finger @Flatman

0.021 SBD | 5 | 0 |

Looks like some kind of filet white fish.

0.020 SBD | 5 | 1 |

Fish fingers!

Oh wait, you say "fish sticks" in the colonies, I think.

0.030 SBD | 3 | HIGH FIVE? REPLY

I think it looks like a fingerprint! 👍 Ur doing a great job @flatman. Looking foward to see more.

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Its a bisquit! :D

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A Flesh of fish.

0.086 SBD | 5 | 0 |

The right side of a very old Perchfish

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