Competition #6 - 100x Zoom Picture - WINNER, by @flatman

Competition #6 - WINNER

It's Thursday and the winner have been chosen.

This time people have been good at upvoting the comments, and people get a decent pay from it, even tho they might have answered wrong. One thing I have noticed is that not everybody is upvoting peoples comments, so to make it more fair for the people who upvote others comments in this post I will wait until the last days before I upvote the comments and only upvote people who upvote others- starting on the next contest (tomorrow).

Back to the contest winner The question was: What is this?


The answer is (the underside or the spore tubes of a) Mushroom


There was lots people with this answer so I had to use a random generator:

And the winner is... @joklahoma! Congratulations!

The award will be in your wallet soon.

random winner.JPG

New contest coming tomorrow, get ready!

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my congratulations to the winner :D


Thank you @Flatman for the contest, it's a good one :)