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February 4th, 2019

Today brings a very brief update. I've been meaning to add a bit more information to users Dashboard pages in recent weeks, and finally found a bit of time/motivation to pull something together. A bit of formatting is still required, but users can now see their historical cumulative distance over various time frames. Three time frames to be exact: * 7-day cumulative distance; * 30-day cumulative distance; * 90-day cumulative distance;


Now users can look back over the last 30-days and see what their weekly distances were like, or look back over the previous 90-day window and see what their monthly totals were, or even look at their last YEAR, and see how much distance they travelled in 90 days. I've found this information to be useful in seeing if I'm way over-doing it, or taking it a bit too easy. Looking at the lazy @mstafford's info -- we can all tell that he's been slacking and needs to step it up.

Do you think this data should ONLY show up on your dashboard? Or would you like it to show up on your profile page too, so other users can see how hard you're training, and maybe gain some insight from your success?

Let me know in the comments below!

As always -- Keep up the good work everyone! More updates to come!

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I totally think it should be on our profile pages... what's the point of being in an exhausted community if we can't show off our exhausting skillage? Exhaust is so hot right now.


I suggest it to show up in our profile page buddy..💪💪

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