Delegate to Exhaust, by @exhaust

Do you often find yourself with a 100% voting power?

Are you too lazy to vote on things yourself?

Do you still want 100% of the curation rewards your SP could be earning?

Well have we got a idea for you... sorta... probably...

Delegate to @exhaust!


If you want to contribute to @exhaust -- a system where users get rewarded for exercising and pursuing fitness goals -- then you might want to consider delegating some of your SteemPower to @exhaust. Starting today, @exhaust will be rewarding all delegators with 100% of the curation rewards their delegation has earned!


The delegation system for @exhaust users is now live.

There is no pressure to delegate, but if you choose to, you should start receiving payments 7 days after the delegation is made!

Here are some handy quick-links for delegating to @exhaust via SteemConnect!

Delegate : 25 SP || 50 SP || 100 SP || 250 SP || 500 SP || 1,000 SP || 10,000 SP

Have a great day, and keep training!

1.079 SBD







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Great news! Upvoted & Resteemed.

I'll delegate some SP within a week or so :)

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Upvoted, resteemed and delegation on the way


Done. A small amount for starters 👍😀🙏

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good resteemid