Opened new Cycling Season together with my husband. - Sumy-Tokari-Lypnyak-Zeleny Hai-Sumy (Part 1)

by @erikaflynn

36lki1t25c.jpg The purpose of this small trip was to shake off the dust from our horses after a long winter idle, to admire the spring flowers and pick up some of the gifts of nature.

In particular, I wanted to take home some birch sap to treat my son with this sweet and useful thing. The birch grove was waiting for us on our way, so we had good chances.

Another goal was to find some fresh nettle for green borscht. So, it turns out to be such a hunt for wild edibles:-)

Running ahead I will say that we did not find any flowers that day, but did well with the rest of the plan.


The road has not completely dried up after the spring melting of snow, so there was a bit of mud here and there.

Field of ant hills with traces of human barbarism.


Some uneducated people have a bad habit of burning grass in the spring. Do they think about the ecosystem damage they cause?


Passing by the dredger



We were here a year ago and I wrote about it in my post



This year, the spring flood is weak and completely controllable, unlike the previous year, when all this lowland was flooded and we had to look for bypass roads.




Tokari Village. We move through the very edge of it


This road goes from Tokari to Lypnyak. An unnamed road, as it is called on a Google map. And here is our birch grove.


Seems we are not the first people to came here for a birch sap:-)


Stopped to fill the bottle.


to be continued...

A part of our route that day 2lgw7ocpjm.jpg


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Добрячий кусок! Такі гарні місця, обожнюю грунтові дороги. Гарно покатались, молодці :)

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Асфальт нецікавий, безіменні грунтовочки це наше всьо! І то лише половина шляху. Ми ще потім за кропивою поперлися аж до річки. Хто б міг подумати що її так непросто знайти за містом

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@onepagex @originalworks

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birch sap to treat my son with this sweet and useful thing.

I've never tried birch sap. Is it anything like Maple Syrup over here in Canada?

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