Frost Patterns on my balcony window

by @erikaflynn

Some of the works of art that mother nature has created on my balcony window using only a little water and a low temperature.



For some reason they remind me of the old rural house of my beloved grandmother. Probably because there I saw them for the first time when I was a child.


Beautiful patterns on these small square windows with a single layer glass in the cold corridor... Then they seemed to me the magic that comes from Jack Frost closer to the Christmas time:) Oh, how long ago it was...


They say that there are no identical patterns. They are always different, even being painted several times on the same window. That's because the conditions in which they appeared are different: the air temperature inside and outside, the humidity, the cooling rate of the window... Even the number of scratches on the glass and its cleanliness matters.



Here is the biggest picture that I managed to shoot a few days ago. This work of art had a real size of about 0.5x0.7m


Will see what other frost patterns will appear on my window until the end of this winter.

My own pictures: Xiaomi phone camera / Canon A720


Завораживающие рисунки! Их рассматривать можно очень долго :) Природа поистине удивительна.

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Да, красивые, и что интересно - они всегда разные:) С Рождеством!

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Like illustrations from a book of winter fairly tales, @erikaflynn! A real-life 'Frozen'! ;)

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Ну да. А откуда же идеи берутся? Природа - лучший художник и вдохновитель:)

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Isnt Mother Nature amazing with the art she shares with us, what cool patterns inthe ice that you share withus here :)

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That's true! Nature can really surprise by creating things like this.

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To me they look like angel wings :) I think they are called "flowers of ice".

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Yes, ice flowers is one of its names, as well as window frost, fern frost or frost feathers. Probably people choose the name based on their imagination and the pattern they see in front of them. What is fern to one may seem like feathers to others:)

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Красота, которую не всегда замечаешь в потоке будничных дней :)

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