Byteball (Obyte) Wiki - Russian translation. Part II - 1356 words

by @erikaflynn

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Project Details

Byteball (Obyte) is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform which allows people to make deals using smart/conditional payments (smart contracts). Examples of such deals can be hedging against negative events, sports betting, crypto exchange or cryptocurrencies price prediction.

Byteball (Obyte) data is stored and ordered using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) rather than blockchain. This allows all users to secure each other's data by referencing earlier data units created by other users and also removes scalability limits common for blockchains, such as blocksize issue.

Despite all its advantages, I can't call this platform intuitive, because in the process of installation and the subsequent work with the application one sometimes have to deal with quite technical terms like 'conditional payments', 'children' (=/= kids), 'smart voucher', 'node' etc.

Helping the average user understand them is the aim of the Byteball wiki. And I'm going to translate it into Russian.

A lot of events happened to this platform from the time I wrote my previous translation report about it. The main one is its rebranding. Now Byteball is called Obyte. You can check this post about the Byteball Rebrand  for more details.

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I must agree, it sounds much better than the previous one. When I first heard about Byteball, it took me some time to find out that it has nothing to do with games like pinball:)

Obyte is a promising project. I hope the new name will help the platform to get the world adoption. And maybe Russian localization can contribute to this process.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

As you can see, the Byteball (Obyte) wiki project consists of 4 chapters.


Two of them, the Main Page and Overview, were translared in my previous contribution post. In this part, I started translation of the 3rd one called Glossary. It contains an explanation of terms related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains in general, as well as to the Byteball (Obyte) wallet in particular.


The Byteball glossary itself can be found here


Source Language: English Target Language: Russian

Word Count

The project has 6293 words and was partially translated by another contributor before I started working on it.

This is my second contribution to this project that contains 1356 words. The number of links and repetitive words in this part: about 5% or 68 words.


Time frame: 16.11.2018-16.01.2019 So far, I have translated 2523 words. You can find my 1st contribution to the Byteball (Obyte) wiki here:

Proof of Authorship

My Crowdin profile activity -


Вкратце для русскоязычных. Тэг #ru использован, потому что речь идет о переводе на русский язык опен-сорс криптопроекта под названием Byteball (теперь Obyte), в частности его Wiki, где объясняются многие термины, каасающиеся как самого проекта, так и мира крипты в целом. Это отчет о проделанной работе для Utopian/DaVinci, платформы, которая вознаграждает участие в проектах с открытым кодом.

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Hello erikaflynn,

Welcome back!

This is your second contribution to the Byteball project.

Your translation is consistent with the previous part of the project.

The translation is accurate and easy to understand. There were just a few mistakes found there.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.

Your presentation is clear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience... and for your sense of humour:)

I am looking forward to seeing more your contributions.

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