2 Weeks with No Posts

by @erikaflynn

Sorry, I was absent for some time, but it absolutely does not mean that I left my Steemit account and returned to Facebook. Just had some other business, both online and offline.


The most time-consuming thing was my job, the one that brings me some money to pay bills.


Together with this guy, we had to visit several small towns of our region in order to place outdoor ad elements for a chain of stores.

This is the case when you have to spend a working day for doing a 1-2 hour job in other town just because they can't find someone from the locals for it.


Had some spare time for the sightseeing: b16ps3fg3o.jpg

That week, I became 1 year older. Happy Birthday to me:)

But what are my 30+ compared to my grandfather, who turned 80 a few days before my Birthday. One more family celebration)))


After successfully completing the Ukrainian translation for eSteem Surfer, I started the Russian localization of the Gridcoin Whitepaper. Saying in short, it is about a volunteer CPU/GPU mining for science.

Meanwhile, my PC was busy with crunching tasks, or the previously mentioned mining, for the World Community Grid as a member of the Obyte (Byteball) team.


... but the last week I decided to change the team for Gridcoin. I've spend 2 days trying to install and sync my Gridcoin wallet, and then another 5 days trying to make my BOINC client work through the pool instead of the Obyte wallet... and you know what? It just doesn't work fo me.


Perhaps, my humanitarian brain is too weak for all these tech things which you have to write through the debug console:(

I think you've heard about the new game on the Steem blockchain - Drug Wars. I have already laid the foundations of my criminal empire. Investments are back on the 6th day. Maybe you should also give it a try - https://staging.drugwars.io/#!/ref/@erikaflynn


It was 2 weeks of my life. You see? There is nothing really important that would be worth of telling. But even if I do not create new posts for a while, you can be sure that I am still here, reading and voting.


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