[Freewrite] Lent - religious obligation, by @davidke20

First of all, let me reintroduce myself on this occasion. I am not a Catholic, but my life long ex-girlfriend is. Why is she ex? She was my girl friend, after a marriage contract bind us together, she's no longer my girlfriend, so she's my ex. Haha! Gotcha!

Since she's a Catholic, and she observe lent before good Friday. During this season, we abstain from land grown meat(we still take seafood though). Now, I am having trouble abstaining from pork. I looked at the roast pork, I felt like going to explode! I so wanted to break the abstain and start whacking roast pork. I went to vegetarian shop, I look at the menu, there is vegetarian roast pork. And I ordered that and ate them. I know it doesn't taste any near to a real roast pork, but still I wanted to have pork. Those are made out of flour and chemical.


I have a confession to make(not to the religion, but my old little me inside my pride), I broke my abstain for one meal where the fried noodle came with Chinese sausage. It was diced into pieces, and after I ate only I realized why does it taste so damn good. Mind you this shop previously doesn't use the Chinese sausages to fry their noodle. For a moment I felt I had committed a crime! But then, everything become clear. Got caught stealing is the same kind of crime of got caught after stealing. I found enough excuse to convince myself to enjoy the last piece since I already paid for it, why waste the food?


Today, I choose the vegetarian shop, get an egg fried rice, and things will never go wrong. I don't have to tell the chef to not put real pork in it. I can happily whack the whole thing probably swallow the plate, nobody can say I did anything wrong. It's not about religious, it's about the people who observe the religious practice.

What I learn over the years is, to respect, the person whom choose to live together with me for the rest of her life. Religion is a choice. To observe certain religious practice, is matter of respect. Not only I started understand, I have started to follow and observe.

All food photos and the above full of crap write up is genuinely authored by - me davidke20

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"after I ate only I realized why does it taste so damn good"

can't go against your palates man.

but to make you feel better i might have it worse. i have a wife who worships a dictator. and i just love freedom.


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