Pensacola beach sunset., by @cloudculpepper

0207191726g.jpg Finished the Florida trail with a great hike on the beach with spectacular weather. 0207191721b.jpg We have been looking foward to this part of the trail for a very long time. 0207191726c.jpg Rain was happy to get here to. She was exited after more than three months of sandy old roads, forest and black water rivers or swamps to kick some sand around. 0207191741a.jpg Just to make things even better during our grand finale... Our friends just happend to traveling near as well! We all had a great camp spots and perfect weather.... Perfect!!! 0207191905.jpg Thank you... And stay up because I got more great pictures of Fort Pickens and canons...

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This looks amazing! Hiking, pups, beaches, sunsets, camping, cooking over a fire! Very jealous.

Looking forward to reading about and seeing more of the trail!