Checking out some side trails., by @cloudculpepper

0127191614.jpg Still on the trail heading to the Sea Shore trail. Weaving in and out of side trails getting pictures and exploring the woods. received_365736510922965.jpeg We have had mostly good weather latly. But in the morning it will be around 27 degrees. We will be avoiding! 0127191606c.jpg We dont have much trail left to do this year in Florida. Its been a great adventure and Im sure we will come back to hike the Panhandle again. The Sea Shore trail is the last part of our adventure here mostly. Then we might take the Alabama Conector trail into the Alabama trail or go to GA and prepare to start the Appalaichin trail again this spring. 0127191553b.jpg Dont forget that Rain has her very own Steemit blog too. 0125191617d.jpg If you would like to donate to our Paypal it is.... Everything helps. Thank you.....Ahhh Y3ah

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