Missing Django, Rock Canyon and Destinations Beyond [now with 100% more psychedelic GIF art than leading competitors!]

by @carlgnash

In real I have moved to Utah. The moving process itself proved to be an exercise in "what can go wrong, will go wrong", but we are now mostly beyond all that and starting to get settled in. The one big bummer is that our cat escaped the very first night here and we have not seen him since in almost a month :(

Django the Cat

This past Saturday we went on our first Utah hike, up Rock Canyon Trail. Easily accessible* from Provo, UT, this is a short and relatively gentle hike up an absolutely spectacular canyon cut out of folded rock formations.

The view up the canyon from the beginning of the trail

"Easily Accessible" but if using navigation make sure you search for "Rock Canyon *Trailhead" as your destination, and not "Rock Canyon Park". Rock Canyon Park is a city park just below the actual trailhead parking lot area and it is a little confusing how to get to the trailhead if you park down there.

The trail was well maintained but it is worth noting that at the beginning of April there was still snow on the ground midway up the canyon. We turned around after 2 miles just short of the end because of long stretches of slippery icy snow pack.

Rock Canyon Rocks!

rock canyon climbers2.jpg ZOOM INSET: Rock climbers getting ready to scale the rocks on the south side of the entrance to the canyon

We passed dozens of rock climbers on many established climbing routes throughout the hike. On both sides of the canyon daredevils have set climbing routes up what appear to be smooth vertical slabs of rock.

These rocks though

I have to admit, when I first heard the name "Rock Canyon"...

I thought maybe somebody had dropped the ball a little bit in the naming department. That is kind of like naming a river "Water River". But now that I have seen it, I am a believer. Rock Canyon is a damn appropriate name for this place :) So much rocks. So many canyon.

@thingone & @thingtwo had a ball climbing all over the place and wedging themselves into cracks.

The elusive @dillemma and her brood

@yeti-the-dog approves

And Destinations Beyond - The Portal

The Crop

![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmNrsU46AneYdxFfXTSnyqPLGkEmgQERoVUhCgBiXpLywC/image.png) ![rock canyon.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmeJmjpPqV1eVfUDXVJeKbbKuBpsLGyS7BVSTFY8Q8arRn/rock%20canyon.jpg)


rock canyon bones lines OGBW.jpg

rock canyon psychception bonesBW lines OGBW.jpg

Mirrors to Madness

rock canyon bones lines OGBW rotmirror.jpg



All art by moi

All photos by myself or @dillemma, used with permission.

The author and @thingtwo



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thanks for the help ie :)

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Made me happy to see all those pictures of rock Canyon and made me laugh Regarding rock Canyon park and rock Canyon trailhead

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I take it you are familiar? :) One side benefit of getting funneled into the city park parking lot first though was we bushwacked through a couple holes of the disc golf course while looking for the trailhead. I am a big disc golfer, definitely going to come back and hit up the disc golf park there as well.

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"now with 100% more psychedelic GIF art than leading competitors!"

If you add sugar and a cartoon mascot, I'm sold!

I have said that I think the desert is a psychedelic landscape before and those rocks look pretty damn trippy even before you "artistify" them like you do. That place really does appear to be beautiful.

Haha Rock Canyon kind of sounds like a first draft kind of title, now that you mention it.

I really like that second to last picture. It has a tunnel like look to it, like it leads to the hall of some psychedelic mountian god or something.

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yeah really that is the secret behind my alien art is starting with the crazy interesting shapes created by nature. I wish I had a real camera, my cell phone really didn't do those rock formations justice. Around every corner my jaw would drop.

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Love the cat Carl!

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Unfortunately as I mentioned above Django the cat escaped our first night in Utah and we haven't seen him since in almost a month :(

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I knew you were moving, but I didn't know that you went to Utah. Interesting, and rather dry place... I'd be wanting to climb up on some of those smaller rock formations myself...

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Yeah the "dry" part is very alien to me. I have always lived in super wet places. Grew up in southeast Alaska in the world's largest coastal rainforest. Went to college in New Orleans. Lived in Willamette Valley in Oregon. All very wet places :)

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