The first of the climbing holds are on the house. I have 180 screw on holds to put ..., by @flemingfarm

... up if I want, which I most likely will. Today I sorted them by color and used the yellow holds first since they are the most regular shaped and have the larger of the edges. For the most part this is for me to have a long traverse around the house to work on anytime I want, but I hope to get the boys on it with a lower level of holds.

The plan is to work the holds around the corner and windows so the long length of the house will be able to be used. I'm not sure how far I will get with the 180 holds, but no matter I will have my own climbing wall for daily traverses. Perfect exercise and a solid way to get and keep my fingers strong for the coming climbing season! I even have a short route to the attic!


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That looks to be an interesting project. Not much into climbing myself, I hate heights. I get dizzy using a step-stool! 😂

I have, obviously since I was a Marine Infantryman: rappelled, done rock climbing, been transported in flying contraptions (CH-47) experienced being off-the-ground. That was work. Now that I can choose what to do, I prefer terra firma.

Hey, thanks for sharing your project. Blessings and groovy vibes to you and yours.


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Interesting! I didn't know there was such a thing.


Hi, @flemingfarm!

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