Lunchtime Run: Cross country, by @steevc
7.192 km
43 minutes
July 17, 2019

It was a warm one today. I headed for the countryside this time as it is pretty dry, I need some break from hard pavements. Taking the footpath beside the traveller camp was a mistake as it is very overgrown. I was having to work around a lot of brambles and nettles which messed up my first 1km interval. After that it was fine apart from long grass in places. I saw a few people out running and walking, but some of these tracks are not much used.

My routine has four fast stretches and I still had one to complete when I got back under the motorway. It is noisy alongside the main road, so I tried finding a way through an industrial area, but ended up coming back out the same way. That at least filled the remaining time.

The intervals were not too bad after the first one, but I really need to find somewhere reasonably flat to get better times.

I have been pondering again whether I need a fitness watch/tracker. Not sure if I would benefit much from heart rate data. I had a Xiaomi Mi Band 2, but that would only check my pulse when standing still and I have not used it since the strap broke. I looked at the Huawei Band 3 Pro which seems to have good heart rate monitoring as well as GPS, but it looks like you cannot extract the data for something like @exhaust. It is a good price through. I always run with my phone for podcasts, so GPS is not really essential. I also am not that interested in counting steps all day or sleep tracking. The cheaper option is to just get a Bluetooth check strap monitor as they are supported.

I have not worn a watch in ages. There are some smart watches that do heart rate, but they need to talk to Endomondo. I also had a Pebble Watch that did not do heart rate, but you could control audio and fitness apps with it and see your pace. Mine developed a fault and they are not supported since the company was taken over. I do not want to spend hundreds on a fancy watch and do not necessarily need all the 'smart' features. There are lots of cheap models from obscure brands, but I doubt they would fit my requirements.

Any thoughts on running gadgets? My next purchase will be some new shoes as it has been a year since I bought any.

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