Wednesday Time Trial Run, by
7.618 km
35 minutes
July 17, 2019

Yeah, I'm still kinda celebrating after my marathon a couple of weeks ago.

Today was a real test to see if I have recovered since my "A" race less than two weeks ago. My focus will be on shorter races and runs over the next few months so I am starting a run time trial every week to see if I am making progress on my running.

Every Wednesday I will be doing a 4.8km(two laps of a course) time trial, running during my lunch break at work after a nice warm up. Today was the first session and was not expecting too much from the run considering I have just been getting back into training after a break for my marathon. Well my first time trial was 20 Minutes 4 Seconds, and I don't care what anyone says about that, I was really happy about that and hope I didn't set the bar too high before I fully get back into training.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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Hey, buddy, same to me as well. I am also still celebrating my marathon few weeks back. I really admire your workout plan especially during your lunch break, thats the spirit of a champion!!


Hey thanks for that @king-cobra You did an amazing job in some pretty tough conditions and great to see you already getting back into your training as well.


What matters is how you feel about your running, but it looks like you are doing great. Having all these apps and stats means we can see exactly how we are doing. I've got an old book about running that talks about measuring out runs with your car so you can time yourself. We are spoilt for choice now


You're right...I remember doing my first marathon with only a stop watch...I think we are almost overloaded with information.