Chrome hill run, by @rthelly
26.521 km
208 minutes
Aug. 1, 2021

Well I say run but I probably had to hike / scramble half of it because it was too steep, slippy or boggy! 21-22 miles was planned but I had to cut it short because it was taking so long. A lovely day spent running up and around Chrome Hill in the Peak District, Derbyshire. The hill looks like a stegosaurs back and made for some awesome pictures. The route however was hilly and coming down was harder than going up! It was dangerous in places and had to be done in the form of a bum slide 🤣 My knee was hurting on Friday so rather than being sensible and rest up I bought a knee support to get me through this run. Luckily I had minimal discomfort and I think it’s just because I’ve upped my mileage again. Next week will be a significantly easier / lower miles week

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