Morning Run - Windswept, by @steevc
7.177 km
39 minutes
July 29, 2021

I was reading this morning about a robot that ran 5km. It took longer than I would, so maybe am safe if they try to take over, but they are bound to get better. I also woke up to $HIVE being up 50%! I hope it can stay up this time.

It was a bit windy out today. I did the run to Stotfold as the schools have finished and so there would be no kids around. That is a fairly flat route. It was quiet out there and not too hot for me. I just went at a comfortable pace. I will try to get to parkrun this Saturday. It has been a long time since I last did it.

The run was not too bad. I went around by the allotments on the way back where the grass was quite long.

This was quicker than some other recent runs, which I will take as a good sign for my fitness. I have been watching the Olympics and those people are in a different class. I could not face the triathlon or the road cycling and in the pool I would be left for dead. I know I'm a lot older than the athletes, but I was never very fit or sporty. They put in serious time for training and many will not make much money from their sport.

Run free and stay well.

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If you watched the triathlon a lot of those people barely made it too. The heat was just too much over there. We are finally getting a break in our weather starting this afternoon. It is going to be a welcome change from the heat and humidity we have been getting.


I know the women's race was really wet. I think the tennis players got some match times changed to when it's cooler. I don't know how they can perform in those conditions. I think it was a cyclist I heard say he was given some plastic sheet to make a tent to train in to get used to heat and humidity.


I bet the run was easier with the added endorphins from the Hive rise. I wake up at 1am and saw it was 0.55 usd and started making coffee😄untitled.gif




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