Morning Run - Good PR, by @steevc
6.916 km
39 minutes
July 22, 2021

With parkrun due to restart on Saturday I wanted to test myself a bit today. The loop around Fairfield is a bit shorter, but it has some climbs to add interest.

I took it pretty steady on the way there and kicked off around where I think the start of the segment is. The initial 10m climb is hard work, but once up there I was able to maintain some speed. I did not have to wait to cross the road on the east side, which saved me some time. Then there is another climb. 8m may not sound much, but it is like running up a couple of flights of stairs. It was a matter of keeping pushing and I wonder what sort of sight I was to some of the dog walkers.

The last stretch is downhill followed by a smaller climb to the finish. After that I just jogged back down West Drive and home. I saw my friend Jon again, but that should be his last day of dropping the kids off before the summer holidays. I saw he ran this segment one lunchtime this week. He was slower than me that time, but he has done it quicker and it would have been hot then.

I knocked 24s off my segment record, which is very satisfying. Getting under 14 minutes would be great, but I need to find more speed from somewhere.

Saturday is looking cooler and there could be rain for the first parkrun in ages. 'Carnage corner' could be muddy. I am expecting a lot of people will turn out anyway. It will be interesting to see what measures they take due to COVID.

Run free and stay well.

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That is awesome that park run is finally able to start back up. I know how much you enjoyed that. I hope it goes well for you and the weather holds off.


I think a lot of people have missed that sort of social running. I think a lot of people will have taken up running recently, so it could be busy. I just fear we will have another lockdown soon.


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Excellent! Breaking a PR is always motivating! !LUV




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I hope I can keep doing that for a while yet.



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