Lunchtime Run: Personal best, by @steevc
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July 10, 2019

I did my new intervals run again of 1km 'sprints' with 3 minutes between over the same route as last week. I was not feeling particularly quick, but the Endomondo app reckons I did beat one of my own records. This is the 12 minute distance, which is known as the Cooper test. You can look at tables to see how you are doing for your age. It seems 2400m is very good for me and I exceeded that with an extra 10m on top of my previous best, which I think was some time ago. This surprises me a little as it covered a couple of sprints and I was going pretty slowly in between. I ought to be able to go a bit further if I keep up the speed for the full time. On top of that I was going up some hills and the test is specified to take place on a track, which would be flat. Anyway, it looks like a good sign for my fitness.

I saw a story today about a study of why we tend to walk with straight arms, but run with them bent. They worked out that straight arms were more efficient for walking, but for running there is not much difference. We may run that way for better balance. Where does that leave race-walkers who seem to bend their arms when I've seen them? There is a lady around here who does it, so maybe I should ask her.

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