Chasing Run, by @toofasteddie
5.483 km
33 minutes
July 21, 2021

Another day of training in our pocket, despite the high temperatures. We departed at 7:30 am with the aim of doing a short run down the hill. Soon I have met other running nuts on my way, some more fit than me. Especially a girl who has blown past me when I was trying to keep up with Enzo... I tried to take a photo of her in motion before chasing her and this is what I got.

By the way, there has been no way to reach her, this girl is very strong and I am... very old perhaps? The truth is that today Enzo has not helped much, he has returned to ballast me at Km 4 and has even stopped to sniff a trail at the entrance of the tunnel. We continue to add kilometers, little by little but consistently. We have to create a good base to fine tune later.

Keep on running!


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You should both be fitter than the average man and dog. I know a lot of guys my age would struggle to run 1km without stopping.




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That’s for sure my friend !LUV


Some men hate when a girl goes past them when running. Someone takes special pleasure in doing


Not my case


It will come back before you know it. How long does it take you to acclimatise to the heat? We’re having hot weather here in England and it’s so hard running in it! Annnd fingers crossed i’m coming to Tarragona in a month, thinking of packing my running shoes


I don't like hot weather for running at all. Nice you come to Tarragona! But expect temperatures above 30 degrees there. Beter to run early in the morning. are you going to stay at the city or any other town of the surroundings there?


Running is a very important exercise no doubt it has a positive impact on human body though it needs energy

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