Night Run: My first run in years! 2.26km, by @chris-uk
2.507 km
21 minutes
July 18, 2021

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You have to build up to running. I know my early runs would leave me gasping for air and I'd be sort afterwards. Alternating with walking is a standard way to start. Not sure you need the snack bars. Just eat healthily. For a 5km run you don't need special nutrition. Have fun with it.


many thanks for the words steevc, yeah I was just looking at the healthy snack bars so I could consume them instead of a bar of chocolate type thing, and yeah my calorie intake for the past week apart from maybe 2 days where i went slightly over 2500 I have been around 1700-2000 mark and thanks for the wisdom, I'm doing another midnight run shortly I will bare those words in mind thanks again.