running "where the streets have no name" still..., by @toofasteddie
7.273 km
40 minutes
July 17, 2021

Hot day although we left early in the morning, it was already 25 degrees. I have decided to go to the city limits with Enzo, near one of the two rivers that delimit the borders of the region, the Llobregat river. A couple of decades ago this river was considered an open-air sewer, today things have changed a lot and its bank has recovered from the industrial madmen of the 80's. It has become a favorite environment to practice Mountaing Bike or Running. My plan was to do at least 8 km but as I have already said, it has been very hot and Enzo was soon approaching the shady places in search of some relief so I decided to stop earlier than planned. Even so it has been a good constant running training during the first 5 km and I have added a fartlek, speed changes, during the last 2 km to vary a bit. Have a Good wekend! Keep on running! @toofasteddie

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