Doggy Trail Run, by @toofasteddie
5.089 km
27 minutes
July 11, 2021

After a forced stop due to the fact that my greyhound suffered from his right front leg earlier in the week, today we have not waited any longer to do a short running session on uneven trails. I try to avoid as much as possible that Enzo steps on a hard surface and therefore I look above all for well shaded clay trails. A good place is located around the castle of Montjuich, close to home although I had to take the car and get closer to avoid doing it with the dog running on asphalt. Enzo has held up very well considering the high temperature we are experiencing. I thought that 5 kilometers at a good pace were more than enough to start for the dog and, why deny it, for me too. Tomorrow rest. Let's see if I can sustain a little consistency in weekly training.

Keep on running!

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That is really nice of u,infact u cover along distance and also thanks for sharing this with us

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Been a long time I ran a 5k race. Maybe I should do a 5k time Trail on Saturday


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