Sunday run: Out in the fields, by @steevc
14.517 km
87 minutes
July 7, 2019

I was awake early again due to a needy cat who demanded to be fed, but stayed in bed for a while longer. When I got up I had a quick drink and half a banana before heading out. I decided to try the longer run over to Ickleford again along the Hicca Way. I still have not done that whole route that goes on to Hitchin and beyond. Once more I missed a turning that goes through a gap in a hedge and over a ditch, but I did not overshoot as much this time as I knew I needed to have turned. They need an extra sign there to make it clearer. A lot of the path is across fields of wheat where a gap has been left. As it has hardly rained recently this is not muddy. Eventually you join the back lanes of Ickleford past some farm buildings and join the main road by the riding school. There is a short piece under the railway bridge with no footpath where you have to look out for traffic. Then it is past Hitchin Lavender. Incidentally I later saw some young oriental people walking down from Arlesey station. I know the lavender farm is popular with Chinese tourists, but they would have a very long walk to get there. Ought to get a taxi.

After the farm you join another uphill track heading towards Letchworth. There is a mysterious metal rail running beside that track. I will have to ask around to find out what it was. That track has a great view across the countryside, but I did not stop to take pictures. It emerges at The Wilbury pub that was a location for The World's End movie. I have played at some open mic sessions in that pub. There is a bit of a boring stretch along roads with fast cars before cutting through Fairfield and back to Arlesey. I was pretty happy with 14km and no aches or pains. I am wondering if I got a sting or bite if you see the picture of my arm. There are some light patches that were stinging in the shower. Not hurting otherwise.

Wildlife encountered was various birds (pigeons, magpies, finches etc) and a load of rabbits. At one point a got a fly in my mouth, but spat it out.

As usual I was listening to podcasts. Today it was Richard Herring interviewing Nicholas Parsons, BBC Inside Science, Dead Ringers (topical impressions show), Ubuntu Podcast and Guardian Science Weekly. That may sound a lot, but I do listen on 1.5x speed.

I weighed myself after breakfast and a shower. I am down to nearly 73kg (161lb), which must be my lowest in years. According to this formula that is fairly optimal for me. I could do with a little more upper body muscle and I am carrying a bit of belly fat, but I guess I am not too bad for my age.

I am not running to be super competitive. I just want to be reasonably healthy and do a few fun events. I eat fairly healthily with no meat, but I do like some sweet treats and I am not going to compromise too much on that.

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