Beside the Sea, by @lloyddavis
7.115 km
49 minutes
July 4, 2019

Picture from yesterday, my uncle's pair of alpaca named Salt and Pepper. I've been in Weymouth for the week and unblogged. I have run three times but not recorded here. I am mostly relaxed although some of the family time has been a bit more work than holiday.

Today I realised that I've been trying to start my runs straight out of the house we're renting. I never do this at home. I always have a five or ten minute walk to get my legs warmed up. So the first couple of runs this week were much slower than usual but today I got back in the under 7 mins/km range. It's great exploring somewhere that I know quite well but have never run in. I've found some new ways through and some lovely bits of nature away from the seaside madness.

Home tomorrow!

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Running is great way to explore. I ran about the same distance yesterday. I don't warm up much apart from a brief walk, but then I don't tend to go as straight up to do speed.

It makes me smile that the first line looks like 'lasted about, oh, 49min'.


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