Lunchtime Run: New intervals, by @steevc
7.159 km
42 minutes
July 3, 2019

Having made it back to parkrun I am keen to improve my time a bit. I still want to get under 25 minutes. I saw this article that got me thinking about trying some different intervals. The Endomondo app I use lets you define your own. I set one up with five minutes of gentle jogging at each end with four sets of 1km with three minutes between. I want to get used to running quicker for longer distances than the default intervals it offered. I did this run today and it went fairly well. The first and last kilometre were at the sort of pace I need, but I struggled a bit with the hills on the others. I will persist with this on my mid-week run, but I am open to suggestions on what else to try. I do wonder if I need to look more into my actual running technique as I am sure it is far from optimal. I do not get to run with experienced runners, so I may be missing out there. I have thought about joining a club, but it may be a time commitment I cannot keep to.

It was a good day for running. Warm, but not overwhelming. I was still sweating after my shower, but I had to get back to work.

I hope everyone's running week is going well.

Run free!

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