🚴 My Zwift Log | 40 minute workout | 02/07, by @harryp3
18.046 km
40 minutes
July 2, 2019

I did want to go for a run today but my leg still isn't in great condition so I didn't want to cause any further harm, instead I did a 40 minute Zwift workout; 10 minutes at a steady cadence & watts and then 10 minutes of easy riding/recovery, with 2 repetitions of that. It wasn't massively challenging and was good fun!

I purposefully chose a much flatter route than my last Zwift ride to compensate for the lack of kilometres that I logged last time (7km from 30 minutes of riding). I also noticed that my cleat needs adjusting on my right cycling shoe as it has either slipped or wasn't particularly well adjusted in the first place (hopefully the former), but it might cause me some knee pain if I continue riding with it where it is.

I think I'll probably rest up tomorrow, and then see if I can go for a little jog on Thursday to warm up for a steadier Parkrun on Saturday.

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