Morning Run- PB, by @steevc
6.887 km
38 minutes
July 1, 2021

My usual weekday run on a nice morning. It was cool first thing, but has got a lot warmer. I did some improvised sprints (fartlek) today to mix it up.

I did the clockwise loop of Fairfield, but was not expecting a particularly great time as I was going gently between the sprints. As it turns out I beat my personal best for that segment by several seconds. I still feel I can improve on that if I specifically go for it.

Coming back down the hill on West Drive I went fairly quickly for the first half, but I have done it quicker.

An average pace of 5:33/km is good by my standards. I ought to do this sort of run more often.

It may be warm enough for a swim later. We shall see.

Run free and stay well.

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Good Run!


Very consistent mate! I hope I could be back to running in short


Cheers. It's good to see I can still improve.


I am starting to think that my 20 to 25 minute workouts in the morning are not long enough. I guess every little bit helps though. I got some extra exercise in yesterday when I played some disc golf. Nice job on your run!


A short high intensity workout is still supposed to do you some good. I just find this route to be a good distance for me before work. I feel I need to run for at least half an hour. I was quite pleased with my efforts today.

I've not played disc golf in many years. Would be fun to give it another go, but I'm not aware of any courses around here.


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When you say 'improvise sprints', do you really just kind of wing it, or do you use time or distance as a reference? The peaks on the Strava curve seem quite uniform in distance. For any kind of intervals run (which I need to start doing again!), I like to go to the track, so I have that 400m fixed distance for reference.


I was not checking my watch for time or distance when I did the sprints. I just picked a start point and then thought about where to finish. I do some runs where the sprints are preset and that can be harder as it's not when I feel like it. I do need that now and then so I push myself harder. I don't have a convenient track to run on.



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