Sunday Longish Run, by
13.124 km
74 minutes
June 30, 2019

7 Days Till The Gold Coast Marathon

The countdown has really begun and although I am at work for the week before the race, I know time will fly and I will be getting nervous in the lead up to the race. Myself and Kirsty had a last longish run together...I say longish as we've been building up over the past few weeks so 13km is not too long for us and it showed. Kirsty smashed it. She has been training hard and is really strong even after getting sick a couple of times in the lead up to the race.

For me, I know I could have done a little more but am still feeling strong so hope that it will all come together on the day. We were both procrastinating to get our Sunday run complete, but we were both happy when it was done. One more run crossed off the list with only 2 or 3 more training session to finish off the week before the race...Lets do this.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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