50 miles, by @wwwiebe
80.235 km
222 minutes
June 12, 2021

The last couple of days were spent with a guest in the house; one of my son's friends was in town from Arizona and spent three days and two nights with us. Saturday morning another friend came over and, with the three of them in house and one person remote over Discord, we held a D&D session. I was dreading the worst and was very happily wrong about it; it was a really fun session with only one character dying (who will be resurrected, yet suffer a permanent curse).

We had to call the session over at 1:30 as parents were arriving to fetch children. Being that I had spent the previous couple days playing host, I was ready to do some de-stressing, so off for a bike ride I went. I drove down to Delaware City to ride at least one path that I enjoy: Delaware City to the Wilmington Riverfront and back. It's roughly a 31 mile round trip and when I was returning I decided that I was feeling pretty good, so decided to continue on from Delaware City to Chesapeake City along the canal.

This paved path is mostly flat, but as it gets nearer to Maryland there are a few steep inclines and a couple really tight u-turns. At about the 9 mile mark I completely missed one of the u-turns and continued on the path until it turned into gravel. I felt like exploring anyway, so rode a bit until the path was too muddy for me to continue. It was getting late in the day at this point so, since I was turning around, I decided to simply head back to my starting back.

I was glad I did, because my legs were getting sore. Looking at the summary afterward I could definitely see my speed begin to drop; the last five miles, in particular, were pretty hard.

My goal is to get up to 60-65 miles, or about 100 km (a metric century). This is definitely an achievable outcome.

Positively, although speed was not my goal, I did achieve 12 personal bests on various segments of the trip. I've done both legs of this particular ride several times now. Hopefully I can keep getting down there (it's a 30 minute drive from the house) for a few more rides.