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5.135 km
26 minutes
June 29, 2019

Having said in previous posts that I was going to do Stevenage parkrun I felt I had to follow through. I was awake pretty early to feed the cat and then struggled to get back to sleep, but I was up in plenty of time for some breakfast. I cycled to the station to get the train. My monthly rail pass covers that as it is where I go for work. From the station it is mostly uphill to Fairlands Valley Park. I was there in plenty of time as the next train would have been cutting it close. People mostly turned up in the last few minutes. It was a beautiful morning on what promises to be the hottest day of the year.

From the start I worked my way through the crowds to find some space. The course is a bit up and down, but has no big hills. By the second lap I left I was flagging, but the 4th km was my quickest according to Endomondo. The final stretch is up a hill on the grass and I had very little left by then, I had hoped for around 27 minutes and I just beat that. I wonder if cycling yesterday took something out of me, but I have been feeling generally fitter lately. That was my 18th parkrun and my 3rd best time.

After the race I jumped on my bike to try and make the next train. I just made it to the platform and onto the train before the doors closed. I need to look at finding the optimal route back as it is a half hour wait for the next one. I was able to whizz down the hills to get there quickly, but then went through the town centre where I had to work my way around lots of people.

The temperature is creeping up to 30C this afternoon, so I am planning to get in our pool. It is only a 5m pop-up pool, but I can have a bit of a swim.

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