🚴 My Zwift Log | 30 mins of Watopia | 28/06 , by @harryp3
17.766 km
36 minutes
June 28, 2019

Having purchased a turbo trainer a few days ago, it arrived yesterday morning and I set it up almost immediately. Took a little tinkering working out the best position of the magnets required for the speed & cadence sensor, and then also bike position on the trainer itself so my watts were as accurate as possible and weren't being overestimated.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days in the UK so far, but it cooled down a fair bit in the evening so I spent about 30 minutes exploring a route on the 'Watopia' world. Was good fun and I definitely enjoyed the ability to just put music in and just be in the zone. It was a lot easier to push out watts when you're also not having to contend with poor road surfaces, traffic/cars and other road obstacles, and I'm definitely already a big fan of Zwift and turbo training riding. My brother did say that it was slightly odd to purchase a turbo trainer and start Zwift riding when it's the Summer and pleasurable to ride outside, but I'll be doing a mixture of both normal cycling and zwift riding in the immediate future.

I've signed up to ride a entry-level race in a couple of hours; I think it's about 16km around the Richmond UCI World Championship route, so will be a nice test to see what I can average over the distance. I'm going to aim to try and keep my watts above 200 for the entire race, but I think it's a little ambitious so will have to see if I'm capable.

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