Running to the Pool, by
5.09 km
27 minutes
June 28, 2019

Its been a long week. And unfortunately I have not been able to get out and train the way I had planned for the week. It has been a bit like this for the past couple of weeks, meaning I have been trying to fit training in where I can. Just like tonight's run where I went to run to the pool for my Friday swim.

Friday night is usually spent at the pool where myself and Kirsty do an easy swim for about 30 minutes and then spend some time in the sauna and spa relaxing as a great way to start off the weekend. As I've been struggling to get my runs in this week, I decided to meet Kirsty at the pool and do my Friday run as commute.

Even though we have passed the Winter Solstice, it was only a few days ago so it was almost dark when I started the run to the pool. But once again a nice, clam evening for the run

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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