Morning Run - Sun run, by @steevc
6.924 km
39 minutes
June 8, 2021

Another fairly warm morning. I had a swim after dinner yesterday. I think the pool is warming up a bit and our new cover may keep more of it in there.

Did my regular loop around Fairfield. Climbing the hill was not too bad and I managed my second fastest time on the loop without really going for it. That was with a bit of a wait to cross the main entrance road as so many cars were coming out of there.

Not too busy out there today with just a few other runners that I saw. I have three weeks until my first event in ages at the Greenway half marathon. It has been a while since I did that distance, but I should be okay.

I may swim again today as it's nice out. I think it gives me upper body a bit of a workout as I do some breaststroke. It is only about 5m, but I do a lot of lengths. I do lounge a bit too.

Run free and stay well!

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Nice job on your run. That is great that you have a pool you can take a dip in after a hot workout. We are seeing some pretty crazy hot temps here right now as well. My in-laws don't have their pool opened up just yet, so we just need to use the A/C for comfort.


We don't have A/C for the house, so the pool can be a nice relief. It gets a lot of use through the summer. I expect it costs a fair bit to fill it, but then it's just running the pump and getting chlorine tablets to keep it clean. We are looking into solar panels, so that could run the pump. We don't heat it. We tried some panels that hooked up in line with the pump, but one get a leak eventually. Not sure they did much anyway.



I am already anticipating the marathon for you which I know you will do great


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.