Long ride home in the heat, by @steevc
21.443 km
61 minutes
June 28, 2019

Summer may finally have arrived in the UK in time for Wimbledon next week. Actually it may get really warm tomorrow with temperatures over 30C! That is hot for us. We have no A/C at home and it does not work in my car. Of course bicycles have no such luxuries. You just have the wind you make yourself to cool you down. I went for speed again this time, but was very slightly slower that last week. That may be down to trying a couple of little diversions that just slowed me down as well as some slow cyclists on one section. I do find I can maintain higher speeds generally than I used to. The Letchworth Greenway was fairly busy with walkers and cyclists, but then it is a nice day to be out.

I mentioned previously that I may try the Stevenage parkrun tomorrow. I just need to get up in time to catch the train.

I am not doing enough cycling to stay in the @exhaust charts even though there are not that many active users. Check it out if you work out regularly. It allows for a little more statistics tracking than Actifit and seems to attract some serious athletes.

Ride free!

The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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Get the fans going at home, most of us don't have AC outside of our cars.

The UK was never hot enough in days gone by, and things change at a very slow pace in that regard.


Where are your baggage racks? Because the only reason to bicycle that far is to get to the grocery store and back. ^_^