Good god it's hot outside, by @wwwiebe
18.684 km
49 minutes
June 7, 2021

It must be 50, 60 degrees Celsius outside. Small children will shrivel. Lead might melt. So, of course, I went for a bike ride.

I love being outside. The ironic part is that, of all people who love to be outside, I'm one of the most ill suited for it; heat dizziness comes easy to me, and I always feel like my face will fall off in the winter. But I love it.

Due to the heat I chose to pace myself today and not take a route that would have a large incline that I normally would need to push hard on; just a simple ride, not too far, with a repeated circuit that I could quickly end when I felt the heat beginning to be too much for me.

Showers never felt so good.

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Thats pretty impressive getting out for a ride in that heat


You win!! I don't mind the heat or cold but the conditions matter to me!

That is awesome, Victor. Babies melt??

Now THAT'S hot!!


It was hot! I'm surprised the bike tires didn't melt to the road.

Of course, I want to get back out today again, too. I must just be a sucker for punishment. Or stupid.

Or both.