Bled business run, by @ervin-lemark
5.956 km
28 minutes
June 7, 2021

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Čestitam. Ja, če ne bi bilo tako vlažno in toplo bi bil verjetno res zelo lep tek. Pred leti sem tekel tam, bolj na izi ampak je bilo kar ok.


Hvala. Tale popoldanska sopara je pač sestavni del letnega časa, nimamo kaj.

Kako napreduje tvoja rehabilitacija?


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I'm not that sportive, but I know what's actifit. Is EXHAUST something like actifit, or it's something else ?


It's something else and similar. There is a web app at You can log in with your Hive account, connect your Strava account, and report about your runs, hikes, cycling tours, ... Try it out.


The first time I see a run and the warming up is with coffee :D also that seemed to be a beautiful to run!


We came early and had a lot of time before the start :)

It was beautiful. Bled is a special place. It's even better when it's not crowded.



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Never seen you run so fast, you were smoking out there!


Thanks. It was the best I can do at the moment.