Doggy hike, by @toofasteddie
6.771 km
151 minutes
June 6, 2021

Calm Sunday in Barcelona, variable weather with times of heat and sun and others with clouds and wind. We have gone out for a walk late, towards noon, with no known direction, although we did know which area we wanted to walk through. Enzo is almost recovered from his flying accident, he starts running like he used to do before the incident but still doesn't spread his front legs like he used to. Obviously, he still has pain and the memory of a bad experience very close. In the middle of our walk we have stopped to enjoy the views of the city and a good cold beer with some accompanying "patatas bravas". Of course, we cannot complain about the weather and what our city offers us. Have a very good week!

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Great to know Enzo is up and running, won't be long now before the pain heals completely. Have a great week ahead


Glad to see Enzo seems to be doing very well. Time flies, but it still sounds like it was a pretty fast recovery, even if he still has a bit more to do. Great that you can also enjoy what your city has to offer, I often hear good things about Barcelona. Have a great week too!


Enzo is such a great dog. take it easy and with patience and he will fully recover in no time.

Ps: I think I know this view. Is it above the swimming pool?