Probably my most strugglily run in a long time., by @aussieninja
4.24 km
28 minutes
June 27, 2019

How cute is that photo?

My partner had to work from home yesterday to organise builders and plumbers and electricians and stuff, and took this from her desk. So super cute. After my run yesterday morning, I was stretching out my calves while watching a chipmunk play on our patio... and then noticed a tiny, tiny baby deer with it's mother... so I called my partner out to watch them... and we then spent the next half our bouncing around all the corners of our house watching various chipmunks and tiny deer. We saw baby twin deer playing with each other, they were seriously Jack Russell sized. So good!

My running adventures have been a struggle this week. On Sunday night we had pizza... we rarely have take away on a Sunday night, but we were busy trying to fix the place up and 7pm just rolled around way sooner than it should have and we were suddenly starving... and pizza was the quickest, cheapest thing... and it sat heavily in our stomachs all night... including on my 6am run Monday morning.

On Wednesday morning I just felt out of it... my calves were still sore, I've barely run at all this month, and I dunno, we don't quite have sleeping down at the moment so I'm waking up crazy hot, and I was parched as bro when I left for my run... which somehow meant that I ended up walking most of the way.

With the running app I'm using, I'm getting good data shouted at me as I'm running. I love that. It also means that yesterday I found out that I hit the halfway point at the 9 minute mark, and then it took me 18 minutes to run the second half... which is not super surprising given the 100 meters of elevation I'm covering.

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Awwww. That photo. And you're missing all the deer action now you're a cubicle slave.


Such a cubicle slave! Although today all I did was a group workout with Olympians, watch a corporate award show and then watch the women's soccer... so it's not all bad.


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