Morning Ride before the rain, by @wwwiebe
18.879 km
48 minutes
June 4, 2021

Keeping an eye on the weather today, I saw that the thunderstorms that were forecast for this morning were pushed back until the afternoon. Being that my first meeting of the day is at 11:30 I took advantage of the now-not-thunderstorming weather and went for a ride.

Now the college is out for the summer and the students have left, the city is incredibly quiet and the roads are not busy. As a cyclist, I like that.

I did push myself more than yesterday and was rewarded, by my Wahoo app, with my fastest time of the season so far. According to Strava via my Samsung Watch Active 2 I obtained one Top Personal Record, and one Top Three Personal Record, so both watch and Wahoo jive that it was a good ride. Just like the other day, however, the average speed between Watch and Wahoo was different by 0.5 mph, and the cadence/rpm data was all sorts of hosed; I noticed that the sensor had shifted from being parallel to the bike leg to perpendicular, which may explain the skewed results. Regardless, it was a good ride and I feel good about it.

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