Lunchtime Jaunt, by @wwwiebe
19.442 km
52 minutes
June 2, 2021

It's always nice to get out for that lunchtime ride that I adore so much. Strava tells me that, compared to my other rides on this particular route, today's was my slowest, but it also tells me that I've just become the Local Legend on one of the segments I ride. Whoot! It just happened to be 18 seconds slower than my fastest; 50 seconds instead of 32. WTH. That's a huge difference. Probably has something to do with the fact that I started it from a dead stop today. Regardless, I suppose it's nice to have the title, but it really just means I need to ride in other areas more often, too.

What's really interesting is that I have two different tools for measuring distance and speed; Strava and Wahoo. Their speed averages differed by 0.6 mph today; that's a pretty large difference. Again, however, it's probably all in how it's measured; they both 'pause' at different times when I come to a stop for a redlight or such. Wahoo will quit measuring when I drop my speed to 2mph, while Strava waits for a dead stop. I'm not training for a race, but if someone is really keen on precise measurements, decisions will need to be made.

I've also realised that the majority of my Hive posts lately have been xhaust bike rides. Such is life. It's nice to get off the computer and out of the house for a bike ride.

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I see you manage to get out cycling more, congrats! Regarding measurement, I didn't check much for bike rides, but for all my runs, I noticed Strava applies some kind of correction to the distance recorded by my watch with Samsung Health (Strava and Samsung Health are automatically synced). I don't know how they do that, but after comparing with known distances, it seems quite accurate after the correction. In some cases, it was almost 10% different and resulted in several seconds difference on the pace. Same thing, I don't train for racing, but I like data, and it kind of bothers me. I thought about contacting Samsung support about this, but I got lazy (plus my past experience with Samsung support is not the best)


I just recently started using the Samsung Active 2 with the Strava app - designed for the watch - and have been really happy with. I'm going to look to see if I can tweak some of the settings, such as when it auto-pauses monitoring. For the most part, though, I'm really happy with it.