Short Ride in the Drizzle, by @wwwiebe
14.278 km
40 minutes
May 30, 2021

I really wanted to get out on the bike today. Yesterday too, in fact. This weekend in the unofficial beginning to the summer in the US and I had wanted to enjoy it; in fact, I had spent every single weekend over the past 6 weekends preparing the house, the yard, more of the house, and more of the yard, with this weekend as the deadline just so I could spend three days enjoying all my handiwork after bike riding.

And then it rained.

All weekend.

Murphy must be my first cousin, or unknown twin brother.

Regardless, there was a lull in the rain for a couple hours today and I took advantage of it for a quick ride. It was chilly, even with long leggings and a riding jacket and, deep down, I'm really a little prince, so I didn't stay out too long to freeze. Just once through the city with a loop in the middle and I was done, back home to a warm shower and hot coffee. A good way to spend a lazy day.

Tomorrow should be rainless, and if I can get up early enough I can go on another extended ride and get back with plenty of time to spend with the boys.

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We need to track down that guy Murphy and have serious words with him!!


Right?? What a jerk! 😂