Geocaching on Buck's Trail, by @ervin-lemark
6.484 km
356 minutes
June 23, 2019

There is a hill near the city of Logatec in Slovenia called Buck. Yes, it really has a name like this.

And there is a geocaching trail starting by the ruins of the Roman fort and going all the way to the top of the 919 meters high hill.

It is a great trail, especially for families. There are eight traditional geocaches, a letterbox cache with eight additional stages and a bonus cache to finish it all in style. It's a lot of fun for the whole family going up and down the hill and searching for the well hidden treasures guarded by toy animals.

The track presented here shows out meanderings on this sunny Sunday. It started with a bit of rain and turned out to be a beautiful and not too hot day.

Cover photo shows a beautifully prepared final cache of the letterbox trail.

I managed to walk all the way in Skinners which is an achievement I am proud of. Actually, I didn't have any other choice. Why? This still is another story :)

We were a party of eight with Puma our most eager member.

Technical data

As from the Amazfit watch - length: 7,32 km - total time: 5:56:33 - elevation gain: 335 meters - shoes: Skinners

As from what Strava has interpreted As from the Amazfit watch - length: 6,48 km - elapsed time: 5:56:23 - moving time: 1:15:39 - elevation gain: 342 meters

There is again a difference in length between the watch and Strava. How come? [@msfaford](, what do you think? I've uploaded the track saved from the watch into [@exhaust.]( How will it be interpreted here? Let's see ...

Better and better

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Hey, I have at least two typos and one mismention in the report. @mstafford, how can I edit it?