Lunchtime Ride-aboot, by @wwwiebe
18.987 km
51 minutes
May 27, 2021

It was a good day for a ride today. Really, it's always a good day for a ride, but today was particularly good: my meeting calendar was clear after 10:30 and it was bright and sunny out.

The one thing I did discover about today's bike ride is that it seems the entire city of Newark is currently under construction. I suppose it'll be nice if it ever gets done, but it never seems to near completion. The roads, in particular, are awful; there are detours and "one lane only" roads all over the place. It's no wonder people are so grumpy driving.

For my part I mostly followed my typical route with a slight change; I rode by the train station instead of the farm. I think it was about the same distance over all, just a nice change of scenery.

It was good to get today's ride in because it doesn't look like I'll be riding anytime soon the next few days; weather looks like rain for the long weekend. Yay. At least Monday, which is the actual holiday, looks to be dry. I might go out for an extended ride then. At least I won't need to water the garden!

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