Sunday run: Go long(er), by @steevc
13.008 km
76 minutes
June 23, 2019

Summer may have finally arrived in the UK. After a wet week it's been pretty good this weekend. I was playing some music with friends at a village event yesterday. That went well, but a bit of wind made things interesting. A lot of our songs were about sunshine (e.g. Sunny Side of the Street, Bring Me Sunshine). I saw some people out running yesterday, but I decided to get out early(ish) today when it would be a little cooler.

I did a variation on my usual Sunday loop with an extension out to where the local parkrun happens. That stretched it to almost exactly 13km, which is my longest in a while. I had no issues with my hip, so I hope that was just a temporary glitch. I was not particularly quick, but then I am happy to stay under 6min/km. There was a fair bit of climbing as there is a fairly steep path on the other side of Fairfield. I kept jogging all the way up.

I am feeling pretty good about my running at the moment, but I would like to see if I can step up a gear. I keep wondering if I need to I need to run with a club or something to get tips on that. I am not desperate to do lots of events, but I want to keep pushing myself as I feel I could do better.

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