Low Gear, High Cadence Ride, by @wwwiebe
19.478 km
50 minutes
May 25, 2021

It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to go for an evening ride; I jumped at the chance tonight. It was a calm night, in the 70's/20's depending on your temperature persuasion, and slightly cloudy. Beautiful.

I put my new cadence sensor to the test and tried a low gear, high cadence ride. Perhaps not surprisingly, my legs did not ache as much when I got home and I didn't feel quite as exhausted as I do when I put the bike into high gear and really bear down on the pedals. I was able to keep a good cadence; my average cadence was 74 rpm and average speed was 24kmh/14.9mph, which was a little faster than I expected.

Usually when I ride I let my legs tell me when it's time to change gear, either up or down; this time I kept an eye on the cadence details and started to gear down when it began to drop below 70rpm, and gear up when it felt right.

For some reason the Strava data from my watch did not sync, so I can't correlate cadence to heart rate, but I can say that I certainly felt like it wasn't as much of a strain. This, also, is not surprising; lower gears mean easier pedaling.

The only person I'm racing is myself, and the only real goal I have is to stay healthy and not get hit by a truck when I'm riding. Cadence data is really neat to look at as another data point. It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up over the summer.

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