Short Lunch Ride, by @wwwiebe
15.032 km
43 minutes
May 11, 2021

I seem to often be posting these "I really need to ride more" posts; the other cyclists in the group are leaving me well behind! I do need to do some catching up. Time to put myself in the leaderboard.

Browsing through the xhaust posts I see a lot of people I haven't before, and am really quite excited about that. I'm hoping to get to spend some good time with everyone so we can all keep pushing each other to do our best.

I started this ride on my standard route but decided shortly into it that I wasn't in the mood to fight with the one small and one large hill that are on it, so instead chose to simply make a loop out of the college and high school campus and got myself up to 15k for the ride. It's always a nice way to break up the day, and I feel invigorated back at work for the afternoon.

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You would ride faster if you weren’t in a fat tire bike, @wwwiebe. 😁

In my “serious” cycling days, I had a mountain bike and asuper skinny tire bike. I was blazing fast on the skinny tire bike. Now I ride a granny bike — ha ha — but I really want a fat tire bike to ride in the snow in the winter.


hahaha, I'm always concerned that I'm on a flat tire bike! 😂

I do actually have a skinny tire bike too meant for road riding, in addition to my mountain bike with road tires; it's a nice 18 speed I found last year, but the seat keeps sliding on me and I haven't fixed it yet. I have some house projects to finish first, but hopefully I can get to that bike soon!


Interesting... that's exactly the pace that I ride at. I'd like to go faster but that seems to be my limit for now. I normally do a 24km ride.