Geocaching In Skinners, by @ervin-lemark
3.44 km
183 minutes
June 16, 2019

We took it easy today after yesterday's long-distance adventure.

During the midday's heat, we went for a family geocaching trip near Škofja Loka, Slovenia. It was time to pick up the caches on the Sv. Lovrenc trail. Altogether there were seven caches including the bonus one.

In almost four hours we covered four kilometers and made a total climb of fewer than 300 meters. Nevertheless, we wandered through many a bush, found some caches quickly while others eluded us a while.

It was a great day spent outdoors and we concluded it with a tasty pizza in a local restaurant.

Oh yes, the Skinners. I was in them all the way, including some steep sections, gravel road, roots, nice single track, ... They did just great!

Better and better

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