Morning Ride, by @wwwiebe
15.153 km
43 minutes
April 29, 2021

Yep, I did it! Two days in a row of getting out to ride. Felt good! Felt like I could have kept going. When the immediate pressure is off at the day-job, I just might take a day off to go on an extended ride.

Just over a month ago I finally obtained a proper "smart watch," a Samsung Galaxy Active 2. I've wanted one for sometime and finally met a deal good enough to sway me. The neat thing about the watch is that it has a Strava app, so I don't need to drag my phone around with me on these rides (of course, I have a holster for it, but I don't need it). The nicer thing is that it seems to do a decent job of monitoring my heart rate during the ride. The results have been telling, if not all that surprising: I can continue, and should continue, to push myself harder.

I'm giving some serious thought to purchasing a cadence sensor, too. I'm only racing myself, but I do want to know that I'm pushing myself in the right areas.

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Great weather for a ride! Nice watch too.. that will be a big help in tracking all the important details. Ride on dude!!! 😁


It feels so good to get out, too. I've got more digging to do this weekend - along with painting and powerwashing - and I always feel good afterward getting that done, too, but there's nothing like a good bike ride.


Two rides in a row, that's already the start of a series, congrats! Hope you can keep it alive. When you get more usage on that watch, please let me know what you think. I have a similar one (Galaxy Watch 3) and I'm not always convinced by the heart rate data (granted it seems to be much worse when it's cold, which makes sense as the blood flow to the hands is less)


Today won't be three days in a row, alas; we're seeing 40kmh winds, and I'm just not in the mood to fight that.

I'm curious about how well the watch works for monitoring heart rate, too. I wear it snug, but not tight, around my wrist, and it definitely moves about some when I ride. I'm healthy so I'm not looking for it to provide me with anything more than accurate generalisations; if it ends up within 10-15% accuracy I'll consider it a success. So far it seems pretty close.