Lunch Ride, by @wwwiebe
15.156 km
42 minutes
April 28, 2021

I've been having a difficult time getting back into a good cycling routine this spring season, to the point that I feel like celebrating every time I finally do get out. My time lately has been consumed by house repairs/improvements, work, and children.

I have about four weekends more work of house improvements to complete before I can begin to take some time off on that front and begin to possibly look at my bikes on the weekends (yes, I have two). It started with hiring a company to replace the roof, trim, and gutters, then snowballed into replacing the attic stairs (which I broke), painting the windows, some additional gardening, replacing a brick patio, and so on and so forth. It's a time commitment right now, but it will pay out in spades when I'm enjoying my yard by a fire with a beer.

Work has been extra busy of late with an upcoming major customer demo scheduled; this, too, shall pass, and my daily routine should begin to return to normal. I normally really dislike the idea of putting in off-hours work, and outright refused to do so with the company I was at previously (my overtime hours were billed to our customers at 1.5 times my hourly rate, but I was paid a salary without bonus on that time, which I found tacky). Looking back, this might have been why I was passed over for the juicy gigs, but such is life; we all make our decisions, and I do not regret that one. Conversely, the start up I am with right now is treating us really well and I'm more than happy to help them succeed.

All that said, I was finally able to schedule an hour yesterday to get out on the bike. It was a rather inconsequential ride other than it felt great to get back out in the sun. It seems to have helped that the hard house labour I've been involved in the last several weekends has kept me in shape and I wasn't dragging near the end. It felt good to hit green lights, too! Sometimes they don't work in my favour and I find myself stopping just as I'm getting a good rhythm.

I'm not sure the weather is going to hold out today for another ride and tomorrow is going to have winds around 40kmh (!!). I'm glad I got in yesterday's ride!

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